Birmingham Open and 2018 FOCAL Finals

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The Birmingham Open and 2018 FOCAL Finals was a Co-event held on 24th November 2018, hosted by Ben Wilson and Jeff Clayton. The FOCAL Finals consisted of the 8 highest ranked players in the FOCAL standings attending, and the Birmingham Open ran like a normal Co-event for the other 27 participants, except there was no grand final.

Jonathan Wynn was crowned 2018 FOCAL champion, beating Thomas Cappleman 71-48 in the grand final. Both players missed an early opportunity to gain a big lead, declaring 8s when ORNAMENTS was available for 18 points. Wynn took the lead in round 2, spotting the darrenic 7 in AUTISTS, forcing Cappleman to risk fatsuits ☓. Round 3 saw the lead extend to 13 points, a margin that T-Cap couldn't decrease over the following rounds, meaning Wynn was confirmed champion after a strong 6 small solve under pressure in round 8. He put the icing on his celebratory cake in the last round, unscrambling AAHSUNBED in less than a second.

In the open tournament, Rob Foster was triumphant, winning 6 out of 7 games along with Jen Steadman, but finished above her due to more points accumulated.

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