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Callum Todd.
Callum Todd solving the conundrum in Episode 6775.

Callum Todd was the champion of Series 69, the first non-octochamp series winner since Series 46 when only 6 heat wins were allowed, and a quarter-finalist in Championship of Champions XIV. During his finals he defeated three members of the 900 club, meaning he has had one of the most difficult series-final runs in the history of Countdown.

After scraping through his first 3 games, he joined Apterous and greatly improved his performances in his next 4 shows before controversially losing to Abdirizak Hirsi on a tie-break conundrum in his 8th game. However, his 7 wins and 747 points were enough to see him qualify for the finals as the #7 seed.

In the quarters, he was up against the record-breaking #2 seed, Jen Steadman, and after falling behind early on, he turned it around to win by 3 points in a 108 – 105 game on an unsolved crucial conundrum. His semi-final saw him take on the #3 seed, Glen Webb, and despite his 6 small numbers games letting him down, he managed to put in a convincing 107 – 82 victory to take him into the final against the record-breaking octototaller Dylan Taylor.

Todd went behind in the first round, but equalised immediately, and both contestants maxed the next 12 rounds, leading to the crucial conundrum IHURTPALM, which Todd solved after 4.5 seconds to win the final with a score of 126 – 116. The final also saw him score his highest total on the show and become the first finalist ranked in the lower half of the seed table to win a 15-round series.

Todd's next televised Countdown appearance was in Championship of Champions XIV at the start of 2016, where, in the preliminary round, he squared off against Series 70 semi-finalist Samir Pilica. Todd opened an early lead in this episode by outclassing Pilica on the first two numbers games and spotting the darrenic word TOASTIER. Hereafter, he held onto this lead consistently, scoring in all but one of the remaining letters rounds and spotting the conundrum ROMANYIPS in fairly short order. This performance gave him a winning score of 127, bettering his previous personal best by 1 point, to Pilica's 88, bringing him into the quarter-finals and setting up a rematch with his Series 69 opponent Jen Steadman. Unfortunately for Todd, history did not repeat itself and he lost 107 – 85, infamously declaring SRSLY.

In 2016, Todd hosted his first Co:event, the inaugural Leeds tournament Countdown in Leeds 2016.

Todd reappeared during Episode 6095 on 26 February 2015, solving the conundrum TRIGLYPHS. On 02 March 2018, during Episode 6775, he was once again the audience member that solved the conundrum HAVENOCAT.

Preceded by
Giles Hutchings
Series winner
Series 69
Followed by
Mark Murray


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
5779 27/09/2013 P Ritch Greenwood 58 – 70 Callum Todd Katherine Grainger Susie Dent 125
5780 30/09/2013 P Callum Todd 83 – 66 Adam Dexter Katherine Grainger Susie Dent 120
5781 1/10/2013 P Callum Todd 79 – 55 John Blaker Katherine Grainger Susie Dent 121
5782 2/10/2013 P Callum Todd 101 – 40 Breda Sexton Michaela Strachan Susie Dent 133
5783 3/10/2013 P Callum Todd 103 – 74 Ben Hendry Michaela Strachan Susie Dent 122
5784 4/10/2013 P Callum Todd 108 – 61 Lucy Bryden Michaela Strachan Susie Dent 133
5785 7/10/2013 P Callum Todd 114 – 77 Chris Allum Michaela Strachan Susie Dent 123
5786 8/10/2013 P Callum Todd 89 – 99* Abdirizak Hirsi Michaela Strachan Susie Dent 135
5834 13/12/2013 QF Jen Steadman 105 – 108 Callum Todd Dan Walker Susie Dent 133
5838 19/12/2013 SF Callum Todd 107 – 82 Glen Webb Richard Madeley Susie Dent 138
5839 20/12/2013 GF Dylan Taylor 116 – 126 Callum Todd Richard Madeley Susie Dent 134
6283 11/01/2016 CP Callum Todd 127 – 88 Samir Pilica John Inverdale Susie Dent 137
6288 18/01/2016 CQF Jen Steadman 107 – 85 Callum Todd Naga Munchetty Susie Dent 125
* includes 10 points from a tie-break conundrum

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