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Name Place held Entrants Winner Final score Runner up Matches played Host Highest score
CoLei4 Leicester 21 Jack Hurst 106 – 92 James Robinson 7 Jeff Clayton 117

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CoLei4 was run by Jeff Clayton on Saturday 2nd April 2011. 21 people attended, the first time that CoLei had an odd number. The event was won by Series 63 champion Jack Hurst, who beat James Robinson in the final 106 – 92.

List of Participants

By alphabetical order of surnames.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
COLEI41 2/04/2011 P Jeff Clayton 115
COLEI42 2/04/2011 P Jeff Clayton 119
COLEI43 2/04/2011 P Jeff Clayton 116
COLEI44 2/04/2011 QF Jeff Clayton 82
COLEI45 2/04/2011 SF Jeff Clayton 73
COLEI46 2/04/2011 MGF Jack Hurst James Robinson 119
COLEI47 2/04/2011 GF James Robinson 92 – 106 Jack Hurst Amie Bateen,
Matt Bayfield
Karen Pearson 113

For the 3 heats, the pairs were drawn at random. Everybody was seeded later. The top 8 seeds would play in the special finals, while the next 8 would play for "best of the rest" award. The next 5 would play 3 more league format games to determine the winner of this group.

Final results

Rank Name Wins Score
A1 Jack Hurst QF, SF, F 235
A2 James Robinson QF, SF 192
A3 Richard Priest QF, F 196
A4 Matt Bayfield QF 171
A5 Joseph Krol SF, F 156
A6 Josh Hurst F 155
A7 Mike Brown SF 170
A8 Stewart Gordon 0 130
B1 Barry Evans QF, SF, F 201
B2 Alex Lacey QF, SF 162
B3 Steve Turvey F 150
B4 Karen Pearson QF 163
B5 Adam Fleetwood SF 174
B6 Ann Rutter F 149
B7 Rob MacDonald QF, SF, F 111
B8 Thomas Carey QF, SF 84
C1 Richard Everley ? 197
C2 Sue Sanders ? 185
C3 Anna Woodward ? 183
C4 Wilf Carey ? 170
C5 Rhys Benjamin ? 145

Group C's order was determined by raw cumulative scoring.

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