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The PC version of Countdown was an official CD-ROM game for Personal Computers. It was developed by Lockton Software, and released by VCI Software with the full cooperation of Yorkshire Television, Channel 4, Arnold Jammot and Oxford University Press.

It was a very basic game, which did not actually feature Richard or Carol, although it showed them on the front of the box. Another, larger photo on the box showed Episode 1531, featuring a young Damian Eadie, before he became producer. Features included "Dictionary corner, Numbers genius, Complete timing & scoring mechanisms and Music & sound effects". Minimum requirements were an IBM PC or compatible 286 or higher, VGA/MCGA screen, 640 kb RAM, CD-ROM drive and hard disk with 5Mb free. Mouse was optional, and Soundblaster or 100% compatible was supported for the sounds. The game could be played against the computer or a friend, and you could choose between THREE levels of difficulty, in either "practice" or "competition" mode.

According to the box, the game was "one of the best reasons you'll ever find for having a PC!"

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