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Eoin Jackson with the #1 badge in Series 77.

Eoin Jackson was an octochamp in Series 77. Beginning his run midway through the series, he prevailed over six-time winner Phil Peel with an impressive début score of 118. This triumph was quickly followed by seven more, and Jackson completed his heat run with a total of 778 points to take the fourth spot on the series leaderboard. As a result, he will almost certainly return for the Series 77 finals in December. Notably, during his run he would wear a numbered badge corresponding with the match number in which he was playing, starting with #1 during his debut, #2 the next day and so on.

Jackson is a musician and teacher from County Waterford in Ireland. He has also been a laissez-faire Apterite since October 2010, and as such has taken part in the Apterous Masters 2011 tournament, and one or two online tournaments since. His first foray into real life competitive play was at Ireland's inaugural CO event, Co:Dub 2015, where he finished 15th out of 27 players.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
6675 27/09/2017 P Phil Peel 56 – 118 Eoin Jackson Jon Culshaw Susie Dent 122
6676 28/09/2017 P Eoin Jackson 74 – 59 Simon Pryor Jon Culshaw Susie Dent 123
6677 29/09/2017 P Eoin Jackson 92 – 82 Martin Hunter Jon Culshaw Susie Dent 144
6678 2/10/2017 P Eoin Jackson 86 – 14 Jacob Gardner Jon Culshaw Susie Dent 122
6679 3/10/2017 P Eoin Jackson 79 – 52 Jaysal Patel Jon Culshaw Susie Dent 133
6680 4/10/2017 P Eoin Jackson 94 – 64 Dan Batten Dr Phil Hammond Susie Dent 121
6681 5/10/2017 P Eoin Jackson 112 – 88 Debbie Scott Dr Phil Hammond Susie Dent 125
6682 6/10/2017 P Eoin Jackson 123 – 78 Stuart Abbott Dr Phil Hammond Susie Dent 147
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