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James Belshaw was a Countdown contestant in Series 66. His score of 15 is the eighth lowest 15 round score for a male contestant in the show's history.

In 2010 Belshaw appeared on Coach Trip with his girlfriend Sophia, lasting six days before being red carded.

In 2012 he popped up as a contestant on the BBC game show The Weakest Link, coming 4th, and on the second series of Breakaway, where although not winning, James was the only contestant to break away. He also appeared as Gymsuper5, his self-created superhero on Morgan Spurlock's New Britannia.

He appeared on Tipping Point the following year in 2013, coming third.

In 2014 he appeared with his girlfriend Sophia on Pointless where they were eliminated in third and fourth place on consecutive shows, both with less than thirty points. He also appeared on Britain's Deadliest Roads, a Channel 5 documentary.

In 2015 Belshaw appeared on Two Tribes, coming second, and on Benchmark, where he reached the head to head at his first attempt. Not that anyone watched that one.

In 2016 Belshaw appeared on The Getaway Car with his girlfriend and The Question Jury on his own, winning a cash prize. He also appeared in Lookalikes as a bouncer.

In 2017 he appeared on the BBC show Letterbox and the Channel 4 show Cheap Cheap Cheap, both times with his girlfriend where on CCC they won a cash prize, and on ITV water park show Cannonball (UK game show) on his own dressed as a cat. He also appeared on Judge Rinder as a claimant for a broken telly.

In 2018 he appeared as ex-boxer Shaun Cummins in the Donal MacIntyre show Murder Files on CBS Reality. He also appeared on Come Dine with Me Surrey week. On ITVs The Big Audition he appeared as a comedic modern take on Henry 8th for the Hampton Court auditions.

He and his girlfriend shared a Guinness World Record between 2005 and 2010; the longest continuous kiss, lasting 31 hours 30 minutes and 30 seconds.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
5436 29/02/2012 P Peter Lee 105 – 15 James Belshaw John Parrott Susie Dent 115
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