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James Laverty

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James Laverty is an Apterite who made his Co:Event debut at COLIN X and the subsequent event COLIN X: The Hangover. He followed up on these appearances at COHUD 2014 and 2015, COLIN XI, COLIN XI: The Hangover, CoStAl2 and returning to Lincoln again in 2016 for the event and hangover once again. He is often mistaken for fellow Apterite Jamie McNeill, causing much hilarity when the two were paired against each other at COLIN XI.

On 16 February 2016, Laverty appeared on Countdown for the first time, as the audience member who solved the conundrum SILENTHUG.

Outside of Countdown, Laverty is a Nottingham based musician who plays clarinet and saxophone with Newark and Sherwood Concert Band and korfball for Nottingham Korfball Club.

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