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Guest appearances of Jon Pertwee
GOTD jon pertwee.jpg
First appearance 29 September 1995
Last appearance 29 September 1995
Appearances 1
Episodes with Jon Pertwee

Jon Pertwee (1919-96) was a guest on Countdown.

As an actor, he was most famous for playing a renegade time lord in Doctor Who, a feckless naval petty officer in The Navy Lark and a scarecrow in Worzel Gummidge, and as such could never be accused of lacking "range". He also hosted the murder mystery game show, Whodunnit? and provided the voice of SuperTed's sidekick, Spotty.

On his appearance, the conundrums DALEKSNEC and THINWOUND was revealed as a homage to him.

Pertwee died of a heart attack on 20 May 1996, just a few months after his sole appearance on Countdown.

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