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The Ladies' Championship was a mini-championship which interrupted Series 49.

Female winners,

competed each other to take part for honour of 'best female'.

The one remaining female series winner, Joyce Cansfield, from Series 1, was apparently invited to this championship, but was unavailable because she was on holiday.


Hilary Hopper vs Liz Barber Hilary Hopper vs Kate Ogilvie
Kate Ogilvie vs Verity Joubert


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
3436 11/03/2003 LSF Hilary Hopper 45 – 35 Liz Barber Rick Wakeman Alison Heard 85
3437 12/03/2003 LSF Kate Ogilvie 47 – 39 Verity Joubert Rick Wakeman Alison Heard 74
3438 13/03/2003 LF Hilary Hopper 32 – 54 Kate Ogilvie Rick Wakeman Alison Heard 83
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