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Mikey Lear

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Mikey in his first show. He won.
Mikey in his eighth show. He lost.

Mikey Lear was a finalist in Series 57.

He first appeared in July 2007, beating Rory Miller. The show started well, then Lear came into view. His choice of braces, neckerchief and truly extraordinary facial hair caused disquiet in the audience, many of whom tried to demand their money back. Amazingly, Lear won his first show, despite Rory's brave choice of an unknown 3-letter word. He has since consistently confused Des O'Connor with his risqué 7s. Lear's facial hair is reported to be receding show by show. Lear is in love with Susie Dent. His proposal of marriage was gratefully accepted by the lovely Susie after his first win, but only on condition he won the series. Which, obviously, he didn't. He was thrashed by Craig Beevers, who is astonishingly good at Countdown.

Mikey currently holds the Guinness World Record for the longest hug (25 hours) which he set with his friend Sanderson Jones in March 2013.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
4405 25/07/2007 P Rory Miller 53 – 81 Mikey Lear Barry Norman Susie Dent 132
4406 26/07/2007 P Mikey Lear 83 – 65 Peter Duggal Barry Norman Susie Dent 131
4407 27/07/2007 P Mikey Lear 84 – 67 William Hinton Trudie Goodwin Susie Dent 119
4408 30/07/2007 P Mikey Lear 88 – 79 Marta Hall Trudie Goodwin Susie Dent 120
4409 6/08/2007 P Mikey Lear 89 – 56 Clive Gray Trudie Goodwin Susie Dent 129
4410 7/08/2007 P Mikey Lear 86 – 52 Tracey Shepherd Trudie Goodwin Susie Dent 129
4411 8/08/2007 P Mikey Lear 99 – 43 Tom Megahy Ann Widdecombe Susie Dent 146
4412 9/08/2007 P Mikey Lear 70 – 97 Martin May Ann Widdecombe Susie Dent 115
4502 13/12/2007 QF Mikey Lear 69 – 106 Craig Beevers Henry Blofeld Alison Heard 118

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