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Guest appearances of Richard Digance
GOTD richard digance.jpg
First appearance 28 November 1996
Last appearance 5 June 2009
Appearances 168
Episodes with Richard Digance
Dickie Digance "Walking for Whiteley" with Carol Vorderman and Kathryn Apanowicz.

Richard Digance is one of the most prolific Dictionary Corner guests, particularly in recent times when he sometimes appears twice in every series. His popularity is such that he was on the shortlist to become the new presenter following the death of Richard Whiteley, but was passed over in favour of Des Lynam.

Richard is a comedian and singer, and often does comic poems in Dictionary Corner, sometimes based on things that happened on this day in history.

He is so much a part of the Countdown "family" that he even takes part in the Great North Run each year alongside Carol Vorderman, Susie Dent and Kathryn Apanowicz to raise money for cancer care (Richard Whiteley's favoured cause), an undertaking dubbed "Walking for Whiteley" as they walk, not run (and claim to have only ever passed one other person in the race).

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