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Roger Green was a finalist in Series 36.

When he lost in his third appearance in episode 2071, Richard Whiteley famously told him that, although he was seeded at #5 at that stage, his record of two wins out of three would not be enough for him to return for the quarter finals just over a month later. However, Green did in fact eventually go on to qualify as the #8 seed for the series. Richard Whiteley subsequently offered Green an on-air apology for this comment at the start of his quarter final against the #1 seed, Bhavin Manek.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
2069 12/08/1997 P Tony Baylis 51 – 55 Roger Green Tom O'Connor Hania Porucznik 81
2070 13/08/1997 P George Lees 44 – 51 Roger Green Tom O'Connor Hania Porucznik 71
2071 14/08/1997 P Jackie Thalrose 54 – 47 Roger Green Tom O'Connor Hania Porucznik 71
2096 18/09/1997 QF Bhavin Manek 37 – 22 Roger Green Richard Stilgoe Hannah Robertson 68
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