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Bob Lunt in Series 79.

Bob Lunt was a finalist in Series 79.

Lunt made his debut on July 25th 2018 and won in a tight contest against Bryan Harrison, where neither player could unscramble the crucial conundrum OVERNOFOP. This was followed by 6 more victories, including a high score of 101. In Lunt's third game, his wife was the audience member who solved the conundrum. His run however came to an end on August 3rd, when he was beaten sensationally by Matthew Bass. Bass started off slowly but picked up speed spotting the eight letter word OUTCRIER to take the lead in the second half and ultimately prevailed with 104 points to Lunt's 80 points, although Lunt got the conundrum. His 7 wins placed him in 9th position in the seeding table, which would normally result in not qualifying. However, through the 4th seed Robin Johnson's absence, he qualified as 8th seed.

He returned to the finals as 8th seed and was pitted against number one seed Martin May. However May started off spotting the nine letter word VERSIONAL in the first letters round. Lunt however fought back hard and won the conundrum round, finishing with 86 points to May's strong 115 points, rendering Lunt to another defeat.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
6874 25/07/2018 P Bryan Harrison 79 – 82 Bob Lunt John Inverdale Susie Dent 133
6875 26/07/2018 P Bob Lunt 78 – 58 Chris Kilbride John Inverdale Susie Dent 122
6876 27/07/2018 P Bob Lunt 98 – 77 Alex Eyre John Inverdale Susie Dent 125
6877 30/07/2018 P Bob Lunt 101 – 73 Jonathan Greener Tim Rice Susie Dent 121
6878 31/07/2018 P Bob Lunt 91 – 42 Myra Cope Tim Rice Susie Dent 126
6879 1/08/2018 P Bob Lunt 99 – 69 Will Ferns Tim Rice Susie Dent 129
6880 2/08/2018 P Bob Lunt 97 – 76 Emily Woodford Tim Rice Susie Dent 124
6881 3/08/2018 P Bob Lunt 80 – 104 Matthew Bass Tim Rice Susie Dent 135
6973 13/12/2018 QF Martin May 115 – 86 Bob Lunt Dan Walker Susie Dent 141
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