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Bradley Horrocks in Series 77.
Bradley Horrocks solving the conundrum in Episode 6526.

Bradley Horrocks was an octochamp in and the runner-up of Series 77. He is also an Apterite.

Bra, as he is known on Apterous, amassed 864 points during his run, finishing his unbeaten streak during the penultimate week of preliminaries in Series 77 to qualify as the #2 seed for the finals as well as the eighth and final octochamp of the series. Eleven days later, he returned for the finals stage, where he first prevailed over #7-ranked James Kennedy in a very close quarter-final, sealing victory on a crucial conundrum. Barely a week after that, he returned for the semi-finals where he faced the "strong 6 small" man John Cowen. In spite of this, he managed to defeat him through several letters round by spotting words such as OVERFIT, RETINOID and SIDEWAY. Finally, the day after his semi-final, he reached the grand final of Series 77, where he took on #1 seed Tom Chafer-Cook. In the first round, he beat Chafer-Cook with the five-letter GREED after the latter had a word disallowed, and he kept up tenaciously with the top seed in all numbers and most letters rounds thereafter to force a crucial conundrum with the score standing 100 – 91 in Chafer-Cook's favour. However, neither contestant was able to spot that RILEYISMS unscrambled to MISSILERY within the allotted time, meaning that Horrocks suffered his only defeat to date but still finished as runner-up of a very strong series.

Prior to his début as a contestant, Horrocks had appeared on Countdown during the previous series as the audience member who unscrambled the conundrum COOLCIDER on 23 February 2017.

Preceded by
Moose Rosser
Series runner-up
Series 77


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
6715 22/11/2017 P Bradley Horrocks 109 – 40 Liam Dwek Gyles Brandreth Susie Dent 124
6716 23/11/2017 P Bradley Horrocks 113 – 57 Peter Buckley Linda Papadopoulos Susie Dent 122
6717 27/11/2017 P Bradley Horrocks 116 – 49 Alenka Butkovicova Linda Papadopoulos Susie Dent 124
6718 28/11/2017 P Bradley Horrocks 82 – 70 Laurie Dyer Linda Papadopoulos Susie Dent 124
6719 29/11/2017 P Bradley Horrocks 102 – 68 Steve Harris Linda Papadopoulos Susie Dent 133
6720 30/11/2017 P Bradley Horrocks 122 – 42 Leah Holroyd Linda Papadopoulos Susie Dent 164
6721 1/12/2017 P Bradley Horrocks 111 – 37 Jason Hill Richard Madeley Susie Dent 144
6722 4/12/2017 P Bradley Horrocks 109 – 40 Luke O'Reilly Richard Madeley Susie Dent 147
6731 15/12/2017 QF Bradley Horrocks 86 – 80 James Kennedy Paul Zenon Susie Dent 121
6735 21/12/2017 SF Bradley Horrocks 95 – 83 John Cowen Rufus Hound Susie Dent 134
6736 22/12/2017 GF Tom Chafer-Cook 100 – 91 Bradley Horrocks Rufus Hound Susie Dent 122
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