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Damian Eadie

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Guest appearances of Damian Eadie
GOTD damian eadie.jpg
First appearance 19 April 2001
Last appearance 23 April 2001
Appearances 3
Episodes with Damian Eadie
First appearance 5 January 1999
Last appearance 8 September 2003
Appearances 230
Episodes with Damian Eadie
A young Damian in the days when he was still just a contestant.

It would not be an exaggeration to suggest Damian Eadie (born 15 August 1969, Blackpool, Lancashire, England, UK) is one of the most important people in the Countdown world. Originally a contestant in Series 28, Eadie spent so much time in the Yorkshire Television studios that he was offered the chance to be a researcher on the programme. From there, he rose through the ranks to become Series Producer.

Eadie's debut on 12 July 1994 saw him defeat Emanuele 'Spud' Grillo, with a further 5 victories following. His run would end at the hands of a determined Suzanne Miles in his seventh game. Nonetheless, this was enough to ensure he returned for the series finals.

Returning as #3 seed, Eadie met Chris Hawkins in the quarter finals, and in a close encounter Eadie was able to compile a 1-point win, 44 – 43. This set up a match with Gregg Magee for a place in the grand final. Eadie had an easier time of it this game, putting together a 59 – 37 victory. The final against Wayne Kelly was a close affair, both players getting a niner in DISRUPTED, both players taking small leads at various points but neither being able to pull away. With Eadie leading by 1 point, the 2nd football-themed conundrum of the afternoon (LETISSIER) was unscrambled to STERILISE by Eadie after 15.5 seconds and with it came the title of champion of Series 28.

After a 3 month break for the 15-to-1 series, Eadie played in the first match of the new series, which kicked off with Championship of Champions VII. Andy Bodle was the opponent, which saw yet another close game. This time Eadie pulled out the win by just 2 points. He was given a chance to get revenge on Suzanne Miles in the semi-finals, a chance he duly took, winning 59 – 35. The grand final saw Eadie up against Don Reid. A phenomenally even-matched game saw just the first conundrum separate the two players after the first 11 rounds, leaving Eadie 10 points in arrears. In round 12 Eadie made the first real mistake of the game, offering the invalid moilers ☓, handing 7 more points to Reid. An impossible numbers game settled the match, with Reid mopping up the last conundrum to win 100 – 73 in a game much closer than the scoreline suggests.

Eadie next appeared in the Supreme Championship,where he was drawn into Group F. An opening game against Janet McRae proved no problem, the result being 62 – 38. Julian Hough was next, with a tighter scoreline of 52 – 46 again going Eadie's way. Hilary Hopper stood between Eadie and the overall quarter finals, but this time he lost, going down on the crucial conundrum DEBAUCHED by 59 points to 40.

He next made an on-screen contribution on 5th January 1999, taking the role of lexicographer. Between Series 40 and Series 48, as well as special editions, he made 230 appearances in this capacity. In Series 44, Eadie also filled in as the celebrity guest when the booked celebrity failed to appear. By his own admission, he hated this appearance, so after 3 shows Richard Whiteley's partner, Kathryn Apanowicz, was brought in as a proper celebrity.

Eadie has since co-authored several puzzle books and a behind the scenes guide, and can regularly be seen on the C4countdown message group whenever Chris Wills makes an overly-suggestive comment.

He could be seen on the boxes of the 1994 edition of the Countdown board game alongside Don Reid, and the PC game alongside Richard Hendron.

Preceded by
David Elias
Series winner
Series 28
Followed by
Darren Shacklady

Preceded by
Chris Waddington
Champion of Champions runner-up
Championship of Champions VII
Followed by
Kenneth Michie


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
1530 13/07/1994 P Emanuele 'Spud' Grillo 31 – 59 Damian Eadie Denis Norden Susie Dent 70
1531 14/07/1994 P Richard Hendron 46 – 63 Damian Eadie Denis Norden Susie Dent 73
1532 15/07/1994 P Jennifer Cook 38 – 57 Damian Eadie Denis Norden Susie Dent 71
1533 18/07/1994 P Jenny Brannock Jones 37 – 65 Damian Eadie Jan Harvey Susie Dent 72
1534 19/07/1994 P Raymond Bernard 47 – 51 Damian Eadie Jan Harvey Susie Dent 72
1535 20/07/1994 P Eric Matthews 44 – 52 Damian Eadie Jan Harvey Susie Dent 72
1536 21/07/1994 P Suzanne Miles 59 – 26 Damian Eadie Jan Harvey Susie Dent 72
1582 23/09/1994 QF Chris Hawkins 43 – 44 Damian Eadie Michael Parkinson Richard Samson 72
1586 29/09/1994 SF Gregg Magee 37 – 59 Damian Eadie Michael Parkinson Richard Samson 89
1587 30/09/1994 GF Wayne Kelly 83 – 94 Damian Eadie Shirley Anne Field,
Michael Parkinson
Richard Samson 125
1588 2/01/1995 CQF Damian Eadie 47 – 45 Andy Bodle Denis Norden Richard Samson 72
1592 6/01/1995 CSF Suzanne Miles 35 – 59 Damian Eadie Denis Norden Richard Samson 72
1594 10/01/1995 CGF Don Reid 100 – 73 Damian Eadie Denis Norden Richard Samson 111
1889 26/11/1996 fQF Janet McRae 38 – 62 Damian Eadie Tom O'Connor Catherine Stokes 72
1892 29/11/1996 fSF Julian Hough 46 – 52 Damian Eadie Richard Digance David Swarbrick 80
1893 2/12/1996 fF Hilary Hopper 59 – 40 Damian Eadie Richard Digance David Swarbrick 73
2874 2/11/2000 X Gyles Brandreth and
Mark Nyman
50 – 46 Jo Brand and
Damian Eadie
none Susie Dent 74

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