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FOCAL is the organisation responsible for organising the vast majority of unofficial Countdown tournaments since 2016. Players play in events throughout the year, with the top 8 ranking at the end of the year receiving free entry into the finals event in Birmingham, held alongside a normal tournament that's open to everyone. All events are hosted on a Saturday, with the exception of two 'hangover' events, held on the Sundays in Lincoln and Glasgow as secondary events.

Events are open to all, regardless of experience, level of play or age. Newcomers are warmly welcomed to events, which typically finish with everyone going to the pub.

As of 22nd February, Series 66 champion Jack Worsley was leading the 2016 rankings after two events, having won both COLIN 2016 and The Hangover. Full current standings for the year, details about events, a FAQs section for newcomers, and pictures from previous tournaments can be found at the FOCAL website [1] .

The team is chaired by Series 70 champion Mark Murray, organiser of the 2015 and 2016 Countdown in Bristol tournaments.

Events on the 2016 calendar

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