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James Haughton

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James Haughton
Octochamp Statistics
Final positionChampion
Points total958
Conundrums solved6
James Haughton in Series 81.
James Haughton holding the Richard Whiteley Memorial Trophy after winning Series 81.

James Haughton was an octochamp in and the champion of Series 81. He's a Maths PhD Student at the University of Manchester.

The Apterite began attending Co-events in 2018, and after rapid improvement, he won his first FOCAL event, CoNuT in 2019 — all prior to his run on the show in July of the same year, in which he began his run with a strong début score of 118 and a spot of the nine-letter word ROUTINISE. He then continued a strong run, scoring centuries in all his games, spotting impressive nine-letter words and getting 6 conundrums correct. He ultimately wrapped his run with 958 points to become the second octochamp of the series.

6 months later, Haughton returned for the finals against number 8 seed David Law. Haughton thundered off into a 46-point lead after the opening three rounds by spotting two nines – NEFARIOUS and MONRADITE – and maxing the first numbers round. Another nine letter spot of the word UNROASTED helped him to finish the game with a strong 147 points – the third-highest score ever – therefore booking a spot in the semi-finals. Law did add an S to Haughton's offering of SAILING, though, denying Haughton from eclipsing the current highest-ever score of 152.

Haughton then battled Morgan Sauer in the semi-final. Although both players missed deceptive 4-large games under pressure, Haughton scored in every round except the conundrum and added yet another 18 points to his total with MEDIATION to advance to the Grand Final.

In the grand final, Haughton played against number 2 seed Jamie Wing. Both players scored in the first two letters rounds until Haughton solved the first difficult numbers round to take the lead. Haughton then extended the gap to 25 points by finding PERINEUM and beating Wing in a 6-small numbers game. Both players then matched each other in the remaining rounds prior to the conundrum, and hilariously made complex solutions on the final rather easy numbers game. Wing solved the conundrum to take his score to 95 and Haughton won the series with 110 points to receive the Richard Whiteley Memorial Trophy and thus remains unbeaten. Haughton amassed 1,328 points, the second-highest ever accrued by a series winner, throughout his run.

Outside of Countdown, Haughton previously appeared on University Challenge where he represented the University of Manchester in 2015. In 2017, he was a semi-finalist on Mastermind. He also partook in the 66th series of Brain of Britain in 2019.

Preceded by
Dinos Sfyris
Series winner
Series 81


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
7118 16/07/2019 P James Haughton 118 – 41 Patrick Coombes Michaela Strachan Susie Dent 158
7119 17/07/2019 P James Haughton 103 – 50 Darren Rampton Rory Bremner Susie Dent 120
7120 18/07/2019 P James Haughton 133 – 31 Sonia Elston Rory Bremner Susie Dent 156
7121 19/07/2019 P James Haughton 125 – 20 Ryan Williams Rory Bremner Susie Dent 144
7122 22/07/2019 P James Haughton 134 – 30 Iain Sime Rory Bremner Susie Dent 150
7123 23/07/2019 P James Haughton 114 – 30 Rob Payne Rory Bremner Susie Dent 143
7124 24/07/2019 P James Haughton 118 – 51 Katrina Bond Rory Bremner Susie Dent 133
7125 25/07/2019 P James Haughton 113 – 16 Frank Coma Paul Sinha Susie Dent 130
7225 12/12/2019 QF James Haughton 147 – 60 David Law Jon Culshaw Susie Dent 166
7229 18/12/2019 SF James Haughton 113 – 79 Morgan Sauer Jon Culshaw Susie Dent 131
7231 20/12/2019 GF James Haughton 110 – 95 Jamie Wing Tim Vine Susie Dent 125
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