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Carol marvels at another of the ginger genius's outrageous solutions.
The ginger genius himself.

Jon O'Neill was an octochamp in Series 53, a participant in Championship of Champions XII and a semi-finalist in the 30th Birthday Championship. He is also an Apterite.

He started off with a narrow 20 point win over Steve Smith before scoring 96 against Peter Wallis. All of his next 5 games were centuries including a high score of 114 against Theresa Turrell. In his final game, he dropped to 94, but still qualified for the finals as #3 seed with 804 points.

In the quarter-finals, he played Judith Young in a close game. The game hinged on O'Neill getting 209 from 75, 100, 25, 6, 10, 50, which involved O'Neill going up to 5075 and coming back down again (although it can also be solved by doing 100 + 75 + 50 - 10 - 6). Both players scored in every round until the conundrum, where O'Neill failed to solve the conundrum IRONCASTS which was all that stood between him and a score of 100.

In the semi-final, he faced John Mayhew, #2 seed with 811 points. O'Neill led by 7 points going into round 13, where he was beaten by THEOREMS and trailed by 1 point going into his choice of numbers. Controversially, he didn't choose 4 large and went for just 1 large number. Both players scored 10 points and the lights were dimmed for a crucial conundrum (EROGENICC), but neither player could solve it and Mayhew won the game by a solitary point. It was the second conundrum of French origin in a row that O'Neill had failed to solve.

One year later, O'Neill was invited back to the Championship of Champions XII, and faced Series 52 octochamp Jack Welsby. O'Neill started badly missing AMOEBAS. O'Neill couldn't beat Welsby in any letters round, and uncharacteristically was beaten by Carol in both choices of 4 large numbers. O'Neill did get the conundrum PROFANITY but it was Welsby that won the game by just 5 points.

He returned to Countdown in 2013, as one of 41 contestants taking part in the 30th Birthday Championship. He received a bye to the first round, and won his first game against Series 59 semi-finalist Kai Laddiman by a score of 101 – 76, he then beat the Series 6 champion Darryl Francis, scoring a personal best of 122 in the process. He then equalled his personal best in his quarter-final against the Series 66 champion Jack Worsley, and in the process, he achieved a max game, becoming only the third person in the history of the 15 round format to achieve this feat. In the semi-final, he played the formidable Series 54 champion Conor Travers. He managed to hold Travers for nearly every round, but his gamble of sulphated in round 6 backfired, and Travers solved the conndrum INFIGHTER in 1 second to get a 3rd consecutive perfect game. O'Neill’s semi-final spots make him among the strongest players to never win a series.

Since appearing on Countdown, O'Neill has played at a number of unofficial Countdown tournaments, including COLIN 2005, CoBris 2005, COLIN 2006, CoBris 2006, COLIN 2007, CoNot 2008, CoNot 2009, COLIN 2010, Co:Lon 2010, COLIN 2011, CoNot 2011, Co:Lon 2011, CobliviLon and COEDI. He achieved 3rd place at CoBris 2007, 2nd place at COLIN 2008 and COLIN 2009, before winning his first event CoLei2 later in 2009. In 2008, he also appeared in the Countdown Online Masters via MSN Messenger, and lost 100 – 99 to Series 47 champion Chris Wills in the quarter-final.

In 2009, he became the first moderator of the Off-topic sub-forum on c4countdown.

His attendance (and of course, victory) at CoLei2 2009 has caused one c4c forum member to confess to another to have considered him to be the 'most attractive man in the room', a quality not diminished by Jon later putting an empty 'Celebrations' tin on his head. He has a face capable of carrying off such a jaunty appendage.

On 19 September 2014, he was a special guest on 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown Series 5, Episode 3. Jon joined Sean Lock and Jo Brand's team. Unfortunately, he missed a numbers target to Jon Richardson, saying it was hard to concentrate, but did redeem himself by solving the conundrum SNOGAMILF in under a second.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
3898 1/04/2005 P Steve Smith 67 – 87 Jon O'Neill Mitch Murray Susie Dent 143
3899 4/04/2005 P Jon O'Neill 96 – 72 Peter Wallis Nicholas Owen Susie Dent 120
3900 5/04/2005 P Jon O'Neill 106 – 54 William Moore Nicholas Owen Susie Dent 140
3901 6/04/2005 P Jon O'Neill 102 – 46 Ola Odutola Nicholas Owen Susie Dent 124
3902 7/04/2005 P Jon O'Neill 101 – 61 Gill Johns Nicholas Owen Susie Dent 133
3903 8/04/2005 P Jon O'Neill 104 – 66 Phil Squires Nicholas Owen Susie Dent 119
3904 11/04/2005 P Jon O'Neill 114 – 43 Theresa Turrell Julia McKenzie Susie Dent 132
3905 12/04/2005 P Jon O'Neill 94 – 58 Gary McEnaney Julia McKenzie Susie Dent 118
3955 28/06/2005 QF Judith Young 74 – 90 Jon O'Neill Philip Franks Susie Dent 121
3958 30/06/2005 SF John Mayhew 89 – 88 Jon O'Neill Philip Franks Susie Dent 117
4116 1/06/2006 CP Jack Welsby 99 – 94 Jon O'Neill Ron Atkinson Susie Dent 134
5625 21/01/2013 30B1 Kai Laddiman 76 – 101 Jon O'Neill Margaret Mountford Susie Dent 132
5641 12/02/2013 30B2 Jon O'Neill 122 – 91 Darryl Francis Ken Bruce Susie Dent 130
5649 22/02/2013 30BQF Jon O'Neill 122 – 104 Jack Worsley Dr Phil Hammond Susie Dent 122
5653 28/02/2013 30BSF Jon O'Neill 102 – 120 Conor Travers Jenny Eclair Susie Dent 120
8-10 5-3 19/09/2014 S Jon O'Neill,
Jo Brand
& Sean Lock
52 – 24 Jon Richardson,
Vic Reeves
& Rob Beckett
Adam Buxton Susie Dent 69

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