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FOCAL is an organisation which has organised most unofficial Countdown tournaments since 2016. The organisation's name is an acronym for Finals Of the Co-event Annual League. "Focal" also means "word" in Irish!

Players play in events across the British Isles throughout the year. All events are open to everyone, regardless of experience, level of play or age, and can be set up anywhere and by anyone. Events typically lasts between 6 and 8 hours, followed by a trip to the pub. Tournament entrance costs between £10 and £16 dependent on event. At the end of the year, the eight highest-ranked players receive free entry into a final event to crown the annual champion, which runs alongside a normal tournament open to everyone.

Tournaments for the rest of 2016 are scheduled in Dublin (10 September), Huddersfield (8 October), and Glasgow (12-13 November), followed by the annual finals in Birmingham (3 December). Current standings for the year and many other details can be found at the FOCAL website .

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