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Richard Brittain was the overall champion of Series 55. He accumulated 820 points in his Octochamp run, but went into the finals as second seed to Steven Briers (840 points). Steven Briers however then narrowly lost his quarter-final against eighth seed Phil Watson, a match which Brittain, watching from the audience, called 'an enthralling spectacle'. Brittain then comfortably won his quarter-final against Andrew Blades, but only narrowly beat Stu Horsey in the semi-finals before he trounced an off-form Tony Warren in the final, 103-60.

He returned for the Championship of Champions XIII and faced one of the favourites Jon Corby, and lost with the lowest score in the competition, including the disallowed words ODONTAL, BIOPOT, OMMIT and SALONEEN. Fuming at having already lost, he attempted to win the conundrum with GANDISEEG, which was subsequently drawn upon in a joking fashion by a later contestant in a similar position.

Richard Brittain also appeared on the now-defunct gameshow Brainteaser in January 2007, less than a month after winning Countdown. He won the show and pocketed £1500.

Brittain attended Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, from October 2007 to January 2008. However, he eventually fled as a result of his dire performance in the Lent term Chistmas Quiz, in which he obtained a third class mark. His current whereabouts are unknown, after embarking on an even less successful degree in Aberystwyth.

Preceded by
Conor Travers
Series winner
Series 55
Followed by
Nick Wainwright


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
4188 11/09/2006 P Sarah Duncan 67 – 116 Richard Brittain Pam Ayres Susie Dent
4189 12/09/2006 P Richard Brittain 94 – 83 Claudia McQue Pam Ayres Susie Dent
4190 13/09/2006 P Richard Brittain 95 – 77 Gil-Ad Schwartz Pam Ayres Susie Dent
4191 14/09/2006 P Richard Brittain 105 – 68 Ali Ashman Pam Ayres Susie Dent
4192 15/09/2006 P Richard Brittain 100 – 82 Henry Smith Pam Ayres Susie Dent
4193 18/09/2006 P Richard Brittain 96 – 62 Jim Foster Phil Hammond Susie Dent
4194 19/09/2006 P Richard Brittain 98 – 31 Anne Devlin Phil Hammond Susie Dent
4195 20/09/2006 P Richard Brittain 116 – 66 Paul Manning Phil Hammond Susie Dent
4257 15/12/2006 QF Andrew Blades 52 – 96 Richard Brittain Ken Bruce Susie Dent
4261 21/12/2006 SF Richard Brittain 83 – 75 Stu Horsey Paul Zenon Susie Dent
4262 22/12/2006 GF Tony Warren 60 – 103 Richard Brittain Paul Zenon Susie Dent
4735 14/01/2009 CP Jon Corby 92 – 52 Richard Brittain Andrew Sachs Susie Dent
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