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Robin McKay was a contestant in Series 74. He is an Apterite and a passionate Wigan Athletic fan (possibly the only one in the world).

His début score of 129 is the joint-highest by any contestant in the history of the show (along with Giles Hutchings in Series 68 and Jamie Ilett-Jones in Series 71). He is known for his catchphrase "What you do is..." at the start of any numbers solution.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
6362 18/05/2016 P Tony Lock 42 – 129 Robin McKay Janet Street-Porter Susie Dent 143
6363 19/05/2016 P Robin McKay 102 – 54 Kevin Dixon Janet Street-Porter Susie Dent 140
6364 20/05/2016 P Robin McKay 107 – 52 Mel Mills Janet Street-Porter Susie Dent 123
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