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Jim Bentley Countdown Club

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The Jim Bentley Countdown Club is a deeply fictional and rather legendary wordgame institution conceived by god of cool Jim Bentley, or at the very least, once attended by him. In his words:

"Each player starts by downing a pint of absinthe, as an enormous ceremonial clock is wheeled in by two scantily-clad ladies of Eastern European extraction (to the strains of "Ride of the Valkyries"). Those present are then divided into sets of three, two players and an adjudicator per table, and the games can start.

Normal rules apply, except anyone losing a round must remove an article of clothing of their opponent's choice. Throughout the evening, dwarves circulate with silver platters piled with cocaine for those who wish to partake, and at random intervals a gong will sound, indicating that all players must drink a quadruple measure of the spirit of their choice.

Finally, there's a big orgy at the end."

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