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Celebrity Countdown Series 1

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Celebrity Countdown Series 1, the first series of Celebrity Countdown was a short-lived series in 1998 that, as the title suggests, pitted celebrities against each other in a game of Countdown. The format used was a shortened version of the then-standard 9 round format: dropping a letters game from each half to reduce the total number of rounds to 7. Thus the format was half of the 14 round format used for grand finals in the 9-round era. This format had also been used in the special episode played on Christmas Day 1997 between Richard Whiteley and Carol Vorderman; that show is occasionally credited as part of the celebrity series. The show was broadcast on Thursday evenings, but only lasted for eight episodes.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Presenters Guest Lex Max
C1 23/04/1998 CC Des Lynam 32 – 17 Siân Lloyd Richard Whiteley Carol Vorderman Magnus Magnusson Anna Eaton 59
C2 30/04/1998 CC Jo Brand 37 – 29 Arthur Smith Richard Whiteley Carol Vorderman Bamber Gascoigne Susie Dent 60
C3 7/05/1998 CC Edwina Currie 18 – 20 Charles Kennedy Richard Whiteley Carol Vorderman Roy Hattersley Susie Dent 62
C4 14/05/1998 CC Jilly Goolden 9 – 47 Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall Richard Whiteley Carol Vorderman Patrick Lichfield Susie Dent 58
C5 28/05/1998 CC Ron Atkinson 39 – 27 Eamonn Holmes Richard Whiteley Carol Vorderman Andy Gray Mark Nyman 61
C6 4/06/1998 CC Jill Dando 20 – 41 Alastair Stewart Richard Whiteley Carol Vorderman John Cole Mark Nyman 79
C7 11/06/1998 CC Loyd Grossman 20 – 23 David Steel Richard Whiteley Carol Vorderman Lucinda Lambton Mark Nyman 59
C8 18/06/1998 CC Alan Coren 35 – 29 Graeme Garden Richard Whiteley Carol Vorderman Matthew Parris Susie Dent 59