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[[Category:9-round games|403]]
[[Category:Episodes in Championship of Champions II|403]]
[[Category:9-round games]]
[[Category:Episodes presented by Richard Whiteley|403]]
[[Category:Episodes in Championship of Champions II]]
[[Category:Episodes with Catherine Clarke as lexicographer|403]]
[[Category:Episodes presented by Richard Whiteley]]
[[Category:Episodes with Gyles Brandreth as a guest|403]]
[[Category:Episodes with Catherine Clarke as lexicographer]]
[[Category:Episodes with Gyles Brandreth as a guest]]

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Episode 403 was broadcast on 7 April 1986, as part of Championship of Champions II.

Clive Freedman played Laurie Silver, with Clive Freedman winning 58 - 51. The Dictionary Corner guest was Gyles Brandreth, and the lexicographer was Catherine Clarke.