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(8 Out of 10 Cats does Countdown Recap (24 September 2016))
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{{episode|previous=8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown Series 9, Episode 5|next=8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown Series 9, Episode 7}}
'''8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown Series 9, Episode 6''' was a [[special episode]] broadcast on 24 September 2016, as part of ''[[8 out of 10 Cats Mash-ups Series 9]]''. From this episode until the end of the series barring the 2017 New Year Special, all episodes were broadcast on a Saturday night instead.
''{{w|8 Out of 10 Cats}}'' regular [[Jon Richardson]] was a [[contestant]], along with [[Joe Lycett]] who were against acting team captain [[David Walliams]] and [[Jonathan Ross]], while [[Jimmy Carr]] reprised his role as the host.
The match saw David Walliams, with the assistance of Jonathan Ross, winning by {{score|29|28}} in an [[7 round format|7-rounder]] thanks to the conundrum being worth 13 points instead of the usual 10 in order to let them have a chance at winning.
In Round 2, the first number Rachel put up was originally a 7, however it naturally fell off the board after an initial target of 136 was calculated. She later replaced that number with an 8 and a new target of 883 was instead calculated as she felt that obtaining the original target with the original selection was too easy. Despite this, it is actually possible to obtain the first target without using the 7 by using the method as shown here: 100 + 50 - 8 - 6.
Also, in Round 3, Joe Lycett who was not playing got the same word as Jon Richardson which was the rude word "TITS".
'''There was a bonus round in which both teams had to feel objects one at a time while blindfolded and guess what they were, in which all objects consist of nine letters each in between the second Teaser and Round 5; 5 points were awarded to David's team for guessing more objects with nine-letter words correctly in 90 seconds.
[[Rachel Riley]] was the [[arithmetician]] for this episode. The [[Dictionary Corner]] guest was [[Isy Suttie]], and the [[lexicographer]] was [[Susie Dent]].
NOTE: In this version, both players' declarations were allowed, although points were only awarded for the best answer.
{{Rounds-start|Jonathan and David|Jon & Joe}}
{{R-letters  |1 |ONEUIXEPR|unpoxer {{x}}<br>ruixo {{x}}|EXPIRE<br>RIPEN|PIONEER      |  0|6 |  7}}
{{R-numbers  |2 | 100|50|8|9|6|8| 883
|882<br>823|sol2=[100 - (8 - 6)] x 9<br>
|rr=883|solrr=[(100 + 50) x 6] - 8 - 9
{{R-TTT        |WETGROIN|Can be pretty imposing.|TOWERING}}
{{Rounds-start|David Walliams|Jon Richardson|cont=}}
{{Rounds-start|Jonathan Ross|Joe Lycett|cont=}}
{{R-numbers  |4 | 25|50|75|100|8|9| 849
|850|sol2=(8 x 100) + 50
|rr=849|solrr=[(8 + 9) x 50] - [(100 - 75) ÷ 25]
{{R-TTT        |SLUTBITE|Seen but not heard.|SUBTITLE}}
{{Rounds-start|Jonathan and David|Jon & Joe|cont=}}
{{R-letters  |5 |AKITEZOTI|kitez {{x}}<br>KITE|TAKE<br>KITE|TIKIA, TAIKO*, TATIE* | 9|28 | 44}}
{{R-TTT        |STIFFGUN|Force it into your trousers.|STUFFING}}
{{R-letters  |6 |EPNREABCL|CLEANER<br>palber {{x}}|reapen {{x}}<br>CLEAR|ENABLER, REPLACED, PERCALE*, CARBENE*| 16|28 | 51}}
{{R-conundrum|7|MERCYSHIT|c1time=18.50|c1sol=CHEMISTRY|29 |28 |64}}
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