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Fiona Davies

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Fiona Davies was a contestant in Series 23 and the runner-up of Series 24.

She first appeared on Countdown on 26 February 1992, beating Stephen McGeown 62 – 44 in the 43rd heat of Series 23. She won a further three games before losing at the hands of Fergus Sharp. Her four wins and 274 points would have been sufficient for her to return for the series 23 final rounds as #5 seed, but she was unable to attend due to illness.

In an unprecedented move, the producers allowed her to return at the end of Series 24, and play a 'play-off' game against that series's #8 seed, Maureen Grabham, for inclusion into the quarter-finals. Davies won that game 65 – 27, and the following day upset the form book by beating the octochamp Norman Christian 41 – 39. In the semi-finals, she beat Richard Onions 64 – 34, meaning the final would be contested between herself and 14-year old whizzkid Wayne Summers. In the final, Davies led by 2 points after the first conundrum, but it all went wrong for her in the second half as she only scored 13 points, allowing Summers to come from behind and win the game 67 – 47.

Davies did not play in Championship of Champions VI, but did play in the Supreme Championship, losing her first game to Dick Green.

Davies also appeared on The Krypton Factor in 1990, and impressively won the intelligence round but was unable to progress beyond the heats stage.

Preceded by
Phil Jordan
Series runner-up
Series 24
Followed by
James Sinclair


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
1240 26/02/1992 P Stephen McGeown 44 – 62 Fiona Davies Sylvia Syms Freda Thornton 74
1241 27/02/1992 P Steve Bright 45 – 53 Fiona Davies Sylvia Syms Freda Thornton 73
1242 28/02/1992 P Daphne Chapple 13 – 44 Fiona Davies Sylvia Syms Freda Thornton 71
1243 2/03/1992 P Joe Brookstone 43 – 65 Fiona Davies Sylvia Syms Freda Thornton 72
1244 3/03/1992 P Fergus Sharp 54 – 50 Fiona Davies Sylvia Syms Freda Thornton 71
1320 16/09/1992 QP Maureen Grabham 27 – 65 Fiona Davies Simon Williams Judy Pearsall 68
1321 17/09/1992 QF Norman Christian 39 – 41 Fiona Davies Simon Williams Judy Pearsall 69
1325 23/09/1992 SF Richard Onions 34 – 64 Fiona Davies Simon Williams Judy Pearsall 73
1327 25/09/1992 GF Wayne Summers 67 – 47 Fiona Davies Simon Williams, Jenny Hanley Judy Pearsall 106
1856 10/10/1996 aQF Dick Green 56 – 35 Fiona Davies Nigel Rees Susie Dent 69
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