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Huw Morgan

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Huw Morgan

Huw Morgan was the champion of Series 34.

He first appeared on Countdown on 14 February 1997, where he beat Stuart Jones 46 – 44. He won 2 more games before losing to Steve Coberman, but his three wins were enough to earn him an invitation back for the final rounds as #6 seed. he 'gained his revenge' on Steve Coberman in the quarter-finals, beating him 54 – 28, before beating Paul Peters 61 – 45 in the semi-finals. In the final, Morgan started very much as the underdog, as he was awaited by the #5 seed Harshan Lamabadusuriya, who had recorded the highest score of the series after a brilliant performance his quarter-final, and then convincingly defeated the unbeaten #1 seed James Martin in his semi-final; however, in a commanding performance, it was Morgan who romped home the winner to become the 34th champion of Countdown, surviving a late comeback by Lamabadusuriya to win by 79 – 65. Notably, it was Morgan narrowly beating Lamabadusuriya to the buzzer on the first Conundrum that really did the damage in this game, as this put Morgan 24 points ahead, by 47 – 23, at half time; had Morgan not got to the buzzer first, the final result would in fact have eventually gone in Lamabadusuriya's favour by 75 – 69.

Morgan returned for Championship of Champions IX, but was beaten in the first round by Simon Pryde.

Outside of Countdown, he was a dedicated Scrabble player.

Morgan died on January 13, 2011, aged 54, after complications whilst being treated for swine flu.

Preceded by
Harvey Freeman
Series winner
Series 34
Followed by
Pete Cashmore


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
1942 14/02/1997 P Stuart Jones 44 – 46 Huw Morgan Jan Harvey Susie Dent 83
1943 17/02/1997 P David Nixon 45 – 59 Huw Morgan Jan Harvey Susie Dent 74
1944 18/02/1997 P Christine McAdam 47 – 50 Huw Morgan Tim Rice Susie Dent 73
1945 19/02/1997 P Steve Coberman 56 – 52 Huw Morgan Tim Rice Susie Dent 75
1968 24/03/1997 QF Huw Morgan 54 – 28 Steve Coberman Richard Digance Rob Scriven 70
1971 27/03/1997 SF Huw Morgan 61 – 45 Paul Peters Richard Digance Rob Scriven 75
1972 28/03/1997 GF Harshan Lamabadusuriya 65 – 79 Huw Morgan Richard Digance Rob Scriven 116
2165 31/12/1997 CP Huw Morgan 49 – 67 Simon Pryde Denis Norden Mark Nyman 75
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