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Ned Pendleton

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Ned Pendleton
Octochamp Statistics
Final positionQuarter-finalist
Points total664
Conundrums solved1
Ned Pendleton

Ned Pendleton was an octochamp and quarter-finalist in Series 64. He was a travel enthusiast from London. He is also an Apterite and a member of c4countdown.

Pendleton debuted on 17 February 2011 in a game against Mark Jones. Despite having offered invalid words in the first two rounds, a good performance on the numbers (his preferred selection was four large) helped him to a 69 – 62 victory. His next two games were fairly close, but his scores improved and he completed an octochamp run on 28 February, notably also beating Dan McColm, who would become a series champion and CoC runner-up on his return.

Pendleton returned as number five seed for the quarter-finals, meaning that he drew fellow octochamp Andy McGurn. The game was extremely close and the scoreline was dead level going into a crucial conundrum which neither got right. It was ultimately decided on the sudden death conundrum ONIONPIGS, to which Pendleton buzzed in first, but under pressure offered an eight-letter answer. McGurn correctly found POISONING immediately after Pendleton's blunder, meaning that Pendleton suffered his only ever defeat. He also holds the dubious honour of being the first player to ever guess multiple conundrums incorrectly during the same game (outside of the Countdown Masters).

After appearing on the show, he has appeared at many Co-events, making his debut at Co:Lon 2011.

Pendleton has also appeared on Hive Minds as part of the "Lutrophiles" team for four episodes between July and September 2015, making the semi-finals (in the first of these appearances, he faced Series 54 and 78 contestant Andy Christley). On 24 August and 28 September 2015, he appeared on Only Connect as captain of the "Road Trippers" team, facing Series 52 contestant Jon Stitcher in his first game. He also appeared on Two Tribes in 2015. On 12 July 2016, he appeared on Fifteen to One alongside Series 75 contestant Ikenna Oguguo, in 2017, he appeared on Eggheads, and in 2019, he appeared on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? but failed to win a Faster Finger First question.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Presenters Guest Lex Max
5207 17/02/2011 P Mark Jones 62 – 69 Ned Pendleton Jeff Stelling Rachel Riley Debra Stephenson Susie Dent 141
5208 18/02/2011 P Ned Pendleton 70 – 48 Colin Cox Jeff Stelling Rachel Riley Debra Stephenson Susie Dent 116
5209 21/02/2011 P Ned Pendleton 70 – 63 Andy Johnson Jeff Stelling Rachel Riley Mark Foster Susie Dent 119
5210 22/02/2011 P Ned Pendleton 92 – 59 Greg Bowler Jeff Stelling Rachel Riley Mark Foster Susie Dent 127
5211 23/02/2011 P Ned Pendleton 91 – 83 John Cornforth Jeff Stelling Rachel Riley Mark Foster Susie Dent 122
5212 24/02/2011 P Ned Pendleton 89 – 66 Dan McColm Jeff Stelling Rachel Riley Mark Foster Susie Dent 118
5213 25/02/2011 P Ned Pendleton 91 – 57 Jon Edmondson Jeff Stelling Rachel Riley Mark Foster Susie Dent 120
5214 28/02/2011 P Ned Pendleton 92 – 54 Emmet Masterson Jeff Stelling Rachel Riley Mark Durden-Smith Susie Dent 131
5275 31/05/2011 QF Ned Pendleton 89 – 99* Andy McGurn Jeff Stelling Rachel Riley Gregg Wallace Susie Dent 118
*includes 10 points from a tiebreak conundrum