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Richard Priest

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Richard Priest competing at CoNot 2008.

Richard Priest was the runner-up of Series 58 and a participant in Championship of Champions XIII.

Priest won his first game on 24 March 2008 with a century against Tony Durrant. Priest followed this with five more wins, including a run of three centuries on the trot, before losing his seventh game to Nigel Davies. However, Priest's 6 wins and 697 points were enough to secure a place in the finals as No. 6 seed.

Priest took on No. 3-ranked Tim Reypert in the third quarter-final. Priest came out the winner with ease, winning by 37 points. In the semi-final, Priest beat Peter Davies 100 – 70 in a game that was notable because Carol allowed 6 − 3 = 2 in the final numbers game. In the grand final, Priest had to take on the No. 1 prospect David O'Donnell, and went 13 – 0 down after two rounds, and never recovered. He did beat the No. 1 seed with MIRADOR but it wasn't enough to win the game, ultimately losing by 30 points.

Priest returned for the Championship of Champions XIII, but lost to Kai Laddiman on a crucial conundrum in the first round. Priest buzzed in with CAFETERIA which was wrong, only to realise a few seconds later that the answer was CAFETIERE. However it was too late, and he lost by 8 points.

Priest's own record of his experience on the show can be read on The Countdown Page here.

Priest continues to play Countdown, and compete in unofficial tournaments, including CoNot 2008, CoLei 2008, COLIN 2009, CoNot 2009, CoLei2, COLIN 2010, Co:Lon 2010, CoLei3, COLIN 2011, CoLei4, CoNot 2011, Co:Lon 2011, CoChest, COLIN 2012, CoLei5, COHUD and CoChest2. In 2010, he won the CoLei Summer Special.

In November 2012 Priest, along with Nita Marr and Mike Brown, co-organised COEDI, the first Countdown in Edinburgh tournament, and he also participated in it.

Priest appeared on The Weakest Link on 28 April 2010, coming second. He then appeared on The Chase on 18 February 2011, making it to the final chase, but the money evaded him.

Priest returned to the Countdown community on 11 March 2021, participating in Series 3 of ZoomDown.

Preceded by
Jeffrey Hansford
Series runner-up
Series 58
Followed by
Charlie Reams


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
4563 24/03/2008 P Tony Durrant 87 – 110 Richard Priest Ann Widdecombe Susie Dent 131
4564 25/03/2008 P Richard Priest 91 – 75 Gill Ford Ann Widdecombe Susie Dent 130
4565 26/03/2008 P Richard Priest 109 – 59 Angus McGregor Ann Widdecombe Susie Dent 135
4566 27/03/2008 P Richard Priest 105 – 60 Sandra Gray Ann Widdecombe Susie Dent 118
4567 28/03/2008 P Richard Priest 101 – 25 Matt Wate Ann Widdecombe Susie Dent 123
4568 31/03/2008 P Richard Priest 98 – 20 Richard Wilson Lynda Baron Susie Dent 120
4569 1/04/2008 P Richard Priest 83 – 85 Nigel Davies Lynda Baron Susie Dent 120
4623 16/06/2008 QF Tim Reypert 53 – 90 Richard Priest Dr Phil Hammond Susie Dent 116
4626 19/06/2008 SF Richard Priest 100 – 70 Peter Davies Dr Phil Hammond Susie Dent 124
4627 20/06/2008 GF David O'Donnell 91 – 61 Richard Priest Dr Phil Hammond Susie Dent 118
4736 15/01/2009 CP Kai Laddiman 93 – 85 Richard Priest Andrew Sachs Susie Dent 117