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Robert Violett

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Robert Violett looks a bit like Garth Marenghi.

Robert Violett, also known as Bob, was the runner-up of Series 5 and a participant in the Supreme Championship.

He only won two games in the heats with a cumulative score of 101 points before losing to Nicholas Thompson, but that was enough for him to qualify for the finals as #8 seed. He beat John Wallace, the only octochamp of the series, in the quarter-final with a score of 67 points (the joint highest score of the series) and June Madell in the semi-final, before losing to Peter Evans in a close final.

Violett did not play in Championship of Champions II, but did return for the Supreme Championship, losing his first game to Barry Grossman by just 6 points.

Bob the Scrabbler several years later.

Violett is also a Scrabble expert and a member of the Association of British Scrabble Players. In 2019, he and fellow Scrabbler David Webb set a new record for the highest combined score in a tournament game: 1,213.[1]

Preceded by
Christine Hunt
Series runner-up
Series 5
Followed by
Olivia Lloyd


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
209 16/11/1984 P Pam Fairless 51 – 52 Robert Violett Gyles Brandreth Yvonne Warburton 86
210 19/11/1984 P Ken Yates 23 – 49 Robert Violett Gyles Brandreth Yvonne Warburton 70
211 20/11/1984 P Nicholas Thompson 38 – 35 Robert Violett Gyles Brandreth Yvonne Warburton 68
228 13/12/1984 QF John Wallace 49 – 67 Robert Violett Gyles Brandreth Yvonne Warburton 69
232 19/12/1984 SF June Madell 25 – 47 Robert Violett Gyles Brandreth Yvonne Warburton 69
234 21/12/1984 GF Peter Evans 87 – 71 Robert Violett Gyles Brandreth Yvonne Warburton 114
M38 18/12/1989-22/12/1989 M Janet McRae 84 – 61 Robert Violett none Freda Thornton ???
M93 7/01/1991-11/01/1991 M Robert Violett 71 – 70 Liz Barber none Freda Thornton 134
1870 30/10/1996 cQF Barry Grossman 48 – 42 Robert Violett June Whitfield Susie Dent 84
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