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Zarte Siempre

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An artist's impression of Zarte Siempre

Zarte Siempre is a member of Apterous and c4countdown. He is also co-founder of the Monster Raving Loony Party and is directly descended from Genghis Khan.

He attended CobliviLon in 2012, actually winning 7 games out of 6. However, history has unfortunately and cruelly been amended so that it officially says that he came in 18th place, which is still respectable, finishing ahead of players such as Jon O'Neill, Graeme Cole, David Barnard and Andy Platt.

Her first tournament of 2013 was in Lincoln, finishing in a very solid 15th place with 4 wins out of 6, despite a very tough draw, including Ryan Taylor, Jon O'Neill and Jon Corby. He later went to CO:REA 2013, finishing on 3 wins and 463 points to ensure another top-15 finish. This time, however, he did not get horrendously drunk during and after the tournament and later fall into a suitcase.

He hopes to appear on Countdown sometime in 2013, and he is co-hosting the 2013 version of CobliviLon with Amie Bateen.

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