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Andrew Fisher
Andrew Fisher on Letters and Numbers.

Andrew Fisher was a contestant in Series 8. He was a French and Latin student from Stockport, Cheshire.

He was declared the winner of the second series of Countdown Masters after he achieved its highest score of 120. He is also a Scrabble Grandmaster, and reached the final of the 2011 World Scrabble Championship.

In August 2010, he appeared on the new Australian version of Countdown, Letters and Numbers, and was crowned as the show's first ever series champion in December of that year.

Preceded by
Julian Hough
Series winner
Masters Series 2


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
381 5/03/1986 P Nigel Ingham 38 – 47 Andrew Fisher Gyles Brandreth Hilary McGlynn 74
382 6/03/1986 P Debbie Kingshott 54 – 47 Andrew Fisher Gyles Brandreth Hilary McGlynn 71
M97 Unreleased Masters 2 Andrew Fisher 120 – 77 Clive Freedman N/A Freda Thornton 148
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