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GANDISEEG was first offered by Richard Brittain in his Championship of Champions game against Jon Corby. Since Brittain had already lost, he decided to buzz in as soon as the conundrum turned over and "press and guess". The joke continued with Charlie Reams who had also already lost before the conundrum to Steve Briers in the Championship of Champions final after 29.9 seconds, after Briers had buzzed in on 29.25 seconds with LIBOUETTE which was also wrong.


The joke carries on to this day on C4countdown and Apterous where players regularly play GANDISEEG in the letters games or conundrum if they can no longer win.

When Brittain first buzzed in, he seemed to say GANDISEE which is only eight letters. Reams then added the final missing G from DISENGAGE to form GANDISEEG. It has been speculated that the last G is actually silent, and also that it is spelt GGANDISEE.

At the end of Series 60, as a special 'Easter Egg' for the members of the c4countdown forum, Series Producer Damian Eadie arranged the conundrum solutions of the last nine games so that the first letter of each answer spelled out GANDISEEG when taken in order:

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