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Matthew Turner

Matthew Turner was the runner-up of Series 43. He is a chess grandmaster and plays for Wood Green.

Turner made his debut beating Andrew Jackson in the 95th heat of Series 43. He went on to play five more heats, never seeming in doubt until his sixth game against Sid Sears. Sears beat him to the buzzer on a crucial conundrum and he lost 51 – 46.

However, Turner was able to return for the finals as #5 seed, and first beat John Harrison in a close quarter-final. He went on to beat the undefeated David Williams in the semis, the turning points being HANKIES and the final numbers game, bringing him to the grand final against Graham Nash. In the final, Turner took an early lead with WINTERS, but offered two invalid words in a row, making him neck and neck with Nash at the end of Part One. However, Turner later slipped when Nash got the 901 target in the third numbers game, and his opponent also solved the final crucial conundrum ANEWREBEL, relegating Turner to the runner-up spot. For reasons unknown, he did not play in Championship of Champions XI.

Preceded by
John Hastings
Series runner-up
Series 43
Followed by
John Rainsden


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
2892 28/11/2000 P Andrew Jackson 52 – 57 Matthew Turner Philip Franks Catherine Clarke 73
2893 29/11/2000 P Matthew Turner 59 – 46 Bob Ireland Philip Franks Catherine Clarke 72
2894 30/11/2000 P Matthew Turner 59 – 31 Margaret Sherwin Philip Franks Catherine Clarke 75
2895 1/12/2000 P Matthew Turner 63 – 39 Wayne Allen Fern Britton Catherine Clarke 73
2896 4/12/2000 P Matthew Turner 52 – 33 Sarah Keane Fern Britton Catherine Clarke 72
2897 5/12/2000 P Matthew Turner 46 – 51 Sid Sears Fern Britton Catherine Clarke 75
2908 20/12/2000 QF John Harrison 45 – 55 Matthew Turner Barry Cryer Susie Dent 68
2909 21/12/2000 SF David Williams 40 – 57 Matthew Turner Barry Cryer Susie Dent 73
2911 25/12/2000 GF Graham Nash 89 – 69 Matthew Turner Barry Cryer Susie Dent 128

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Interview with Matthew about his time on the show

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