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Steven Tew (front) in 1985 with the then Countdown presenting team.
Steven, the Apterous player in 2009.

Steven Tew was a contestant in Series 6.

Although it was not mentioned on the show, he was originally from Maesteg in South Wales. Having moved to Wakefield, he became a standby contestant for a while, due to his proximity to Leeds. He eventually appeared in 1985, when he was 25. After winning one game, he was unfortunate enough to lose his second - against the eventual series winner Darryl Francis - by just one point on the crucial conundrum PREACHING.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
244 18/01/1985 P Ian Lowe 33 – 38 Steven Tew Gyles Brandreth Yvonne Warburton 72
245 21/01/1985 P Darryl Francis 47 – 46 Steven Tew Gyles Brandreth Yvonne Warburton 68
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