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{{guest|debut_episode=Episode 4999|debut_date=15 March 2010|latest_episode=?|latest_date=16 August 2010|appearances=4}}
{{guest|debut_episode=Episode S26|debut_date=15 March 2010|latest_episode=Episode S29|latest_date=16 August 2010|appearances=4}}
'''Gary Osborne''' is a guest on Countdown. He's a songwriter.
'''Gary Osborne''' is a guest on ''Countdown''. He's a songwriter.
==External links==
==External Links==
*[[wikipedia:Gary Osborne|Gary Osborne's Wikipedia page]]
*[[wikipedia:Gary Osborne|Gary Osborne's Wikipedia page]]
[[Category:Dictionary Corner Guests|Osborne, Gary]]
{{DEFAULTSORT:Osborne, Gary}}
[[Category:Dictionary Corner Guests]]

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Guest appearances of Gary Osborne
GOTD gary osborne.jpg
First appearance 15 March 2010
Last appearance 16 August 2010
Appearances 4
Episodes with Gary Osborne

Gary Osborne is a guest on Countdown. He's a songwriter.

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