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Apterous Simulation of a Series was originally organised by Ian Dent in March 2010. The idea broke down until Matt Morrison revived it in December 2010. Both Morrison and Dent played. It differs from normal Series by have quadchamps instead of octochamps. The first series was a major success with many big names dropping in to exercise their playing skills, and a second series is being organised.

Matt Morrison takeover

Matt Morrison took over in December 2010 after the first game between Ian Volante and Rhys Benjamin whereupon Volante beat Benjamin by 106 – 29 at the start of December 2010. Charlie Reams made a return to his own website and beat Volante 102 – 86. Niall Seymour failed to play his game, at which point Morrison realised that more organisation was needed. A consensus concluded that Seymour should not be allowed to play. Reams went on to beat Michael Wallace but lost to Dinos Sfyris. Sfyris went on to become the first quadchamp, and the tournament was becoming a huge success.

In December 2011, Morrison opened up a second series and registration details can be found here.


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