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A Word or 2

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Opening titles
The contestants and team
The host, Jeremy Mansfield

A Word or 2 (1998-2008) was a televised game show in South Africa, and surprisingly only the second English-language version of the show so far. It was adapted from Des chiffres et des lettres in the same way that Countdown was in 1982. The host was Jeremy Mansfield.


The main host also puts up the letters in this version. As with the numbers game in the UK, contestants can choose letters from a particular place in addition to choosing vowels or consonents. Numbers though, are simply chosen from two piles - large and small. Interestingly the numbers expert is also a man on this version, William Smith. As with the UK version there are also two people in dictionary corner, most frequently English and Afrikaans word experts Lizz Meiring (also an actress) and Patricia Glyn (also an adventurer). An additional feature of the show is its own in-house deaf sign language presenter, Lauren Price.

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