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Cijfers en Letters

From Countdown

Cijfers en Letters was a televised game show in the Netherlands and Belgium, in the Dutch language. It was adapted from Des chiffres et des lettres in the same way that Countdown was in 1982. In Belgium it was shown on Vlaamse Televisie Maatschappij (VTM) and in the Netherlands it was shown on Katholieke Radio Omroep (KRO).


The numbers game worked in the same way as a Countdown numbers game, with the targets 100-999 available, unlike the British, French and Spanish versions where only the targets 101-999 are available. Letters also work in the same way, eight or nine random letters are drawn with which the contestants had to form words within 45 seconds. The winner is the contestant who made the longest word. There are no duels or conundrums in the Dutch version.

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