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Michael Fish

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Guest appearances of Michael Fish
GOTD michael fish.jpg
First appearance 10 January 2005
Last appearance 14 January 2005
Appearances 5
Episodes with Michael Fish

Michael Fish is a guest on Countdown. He was a BBC weather presenter for about three hundred years but is still mostly (in)famous for failing to predict a gust of wind in 1987. He still insists that when he said there wasn't going to be a hurricane, he was actually talking about a different hurricane that didn't happen, and that this in no way implied that he thought the one that did happen, wouldn't. Even though he didn't predict that it would. And he says that it wasn't technically a hurricane anyway, and he wins because he's got a degree and his dad is bigger than your dad, and besides it wasn't his night to do predicting big winds because they have a rota and he wasn't down to do it that night and it's all Ian McCaskill's fault and if you don't believe him he'll hold his breath until he goes blue and faints and then you'll be in trouble, so there.

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