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Ted Moult

From Countdown
Guest appearances of Ted Moult
GOTD ted moult.jpg
First appearance 2 November 1982
Last appearance 11 November 1982
Appearances 7
Episodes with Ted Moult

Ted Moult (1926-86) was the very first guest on Countdown. A farmer by trade (and a pioneer of the "pick your own" fruit farm), he became a cult figure from the 1950s through to the 80s as a result of his appearances on quizzes and panel games. He also fronted the TV adverts for Everest Double Glazing ("fit the best, fit Everest").

Moult appeared throughout the Calendar Countdown series and was the very first Dictionary Corner guest when the programme debuted on Channel 4; however, he only did the first seven programmes and never returned.

Ted has also appeared on Bullseye in 1984 as a "star guest". He won £180 for charity.

Moult committed suicide by gunshot in 1986.

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