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Countdown Update UK

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Countdown Update UK was a website that was maintained by Series 49 semi-finalist Martin Gardner in 2002 and 2003. Gardner started the site before he had applied for the show, and stopped maintaining it a few years after he had appeared on the show. The site was inadvertently deleted when Orange modified the URLs of its websites, since Gardner had already stopped updating the site years earlier. The site included:

  • Inside the game: Tips on how to play the rounds.
  • Fact File: A number of unusual facts about the show.
  • Links: Links to other sites.
  • Finals and seedings: A list of all the seeds between Series 1 and Series 52.
  • Octochamps: A list of all the Octochamps in order of scores.
  • Unbeaten champions: Champions who have won a series without losing a single game.
  • 7 time winners: A list of all the player up to Series 52 that have won 7 games and lost the final one.
  • Score sheets: Printable score sheets to evaluate your own score on the show.

Gardner stopped maintaining the site after the end of Series 52.

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