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Countdown puzzle books

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The first Countdown puzzle book.

The Countdown puzzle books are a series of books with puzzles related to Countdown. In particular, each page contains letters games, numbers games and conundrums, often specially chosen rather than just randomly drawn letters. There are currently four puzzle books numbered 1 to 4, two larger 'bumper puzzle' books, and an 'Ultimate Challenge' book written by Michael Wylie and Damian Eadie.

List of books

  • Countdown Puzzle Book, John Meade and Peter Newby, 1991
  • Countdown Puzzle Mountain, John Meade, Mark Nyman and Michael Wylie (Introduction by Carol Vorderman), 1996
  • Countdown Puzzle Book No1, Michael Wylie and Damian Eadie, 2001
  • Countdown Puzzle Book No2, Michael Wylie and Damian Eadie, 2002
  • Countdown Book of Puzzles and Games, Michael Wylie, Damian Eadie and Robert Allen, 2002
  • Countdown Puzzle Book No3, Michael Wylie and Damian Eadie (Forward by Richard Whiteley), 2002
  • Countdown Puzzle Book No4, Michael Wylie and Damian Eadie, 2003
  • Countdown Bumper Puzzle Book, Michael Wylie and Damian Eadie, 2003 (Spiral edition, 2007)
  • Countdown Bumper Puzzle Book 2, Michael Wylie and Damian Eadie, 2004
  • Countdown The Ultimate Challenge, Michael Wylie and Damian Eadie, 2005

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