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A duel is a round used in Des chiffres et des lettres, the original French version and Cifras y Letras, the Spanish version. It's approximately equivalent to a conundrum on Countdown. In French it's known as a duel and in Spanish as a duelo.

On Des chiffres et des lettres

In DCeDL there are two duels, one before the ad break and one after it. The player who's buzzing receives 5 points if he or she finds the good answer, and the opponent gets 3 points if they make a mistake. If nobody buzzes, nobody scores.

The first kind of duel is a dictation - the presenter reads out a long word and the contestants have to spell it. For example, the word LABYRINTHIQUE was featured in July 2007 on the show.

The second kind of duel is le duel traditionnel (traditional duel) where the 9 given letters must all be used once to form 2 words in a given theme. Also featured in July 2007 was EEODKNNTV from which the contestants were told there were two English counties. The solutions are KENT and DEVON.

Another possibility is l'un dans l'autre (one in another). Players have to find a proper noun and a common noun from a set of 9 letters, a bit like a conundrum with two solutions in English - recently used on DCeDL was AEEOCLPRT - which gives CLEOPATRE (Cleopatra) and PECTORALE (pectoral). However both words do not have to be nine letters, there's usually one nine and one shorter word.

Also used is le calcul mental - an example of mental arithmatic, for example (-50)+(24*(2-3))+(42+8)-(3*(6+(3*(9+6+3))))+204 without writing it down.

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