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Jack Harvey

From Countdown
Jack Harvey
octochamp statistics
Final position Quarter-finalist
Seeding 7
Points total 696
Conundrums solved 6
Jack Harvey in Series 89.

Jack Harvey was an octochamp and quarter-finalist in Series 89. He was originally from Grimsby but now of Milton Keynes.


Series 89 Heat games

Jack kicked off by beating three-time winner James Hussey on the crucial conundrum GOWNEDELK, which would become a recurrant theme throughout his games as he had to solve a further four crucials throughout his heats; one of those was after a very unfortunate guess from Katharine Randall, who wrongly gave ☓ unpowder instead of the correct GUNPOWDER which Harvey swooped in and solved after that error.

Despite never hitting the century throughout his run, and with some interesting guesses in his word choices which were hit-and-miss in terms of accuracy, Jack held his nerve and finished off by beating challenger Keith Aldridge before the final numbers round. After the game was done, this left Jack with a points tally of 696, an average of 87 per game, and made him the third octochamp of the series within roughly six weeks; it also provisionally set Harvey as the third seed for the series finals.

Series 89 Finals

He returned just over four months later fresh from his stag-do, where No. 2 seed Mark Finnerty lay in wait. Jack ultimately produced his best score on the show, hitting the century mark for the first time and playing close to Finnerty the whole game, which ultimately ended with the crucial conundrum LISTENPET after Finnerty blanked on the final numbers round. Unfortunately for Harvey, his guess of plentiest ☓ was wrong, which meant he suffered his first and only defeat on the show despite it being a personal-best score. His final points tally across 9 games was 796, equating to an average of roughly 88.5 points per game.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Presenters Guest Lex Max
8199 01/02/2024 P James Hussey 75 – 86 Jack Harvey Colin Murray Rachel Riley Tasha Ghouri Susie Dent 134
8200 02/02/2024 P Jack Harvey 94 – 79 Nick Wood Colin Murray Rachel Riley Tasha Ghouri Susie Dent 125
8201 05/02/2024 P Jack Harvey 88 – 52 Ian Ackers Colin Murray Rachel Riley Jo Brand Susie Dent 124
8202 06/02/2024 P Jack Harvey 89 – 76 John Hadley Colin Murray Rachel Riley Jo Brand Susie Dent 136
8203 07/02/2024 P Jack Harvey 87 – 50 Matthew Butt Colin Murray Rachel Riley Jo Brand Susie Dent 130
8204 08/02/2024 P Jack Harvey 79 – 78 Katharine Randall Colin Murray Rachel Riley Jo Brand Susie Dent 124
8205 09/02/2024 P Jack Harvey 88 – 77 Peter Newton Colin Murray Rachel Riley Jo Brand Susie Dent 147
8206 12/02/2024 P Jack Harvey 85 – 67 Keith Aldridge Colin Murray Rachel Riley Tim Rice Susie Dent 122
8300 21/06/2024 QF Mark Finnerty 104 – 100 Jack Harvey Colin Murray Rachel Riley Greg Rusedski Susie Dent 162