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Pierre Sandrini

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Pierre Sandrini was a finalist in Series 27.

He is the only Frenchman to have participated in both the English and the French version of Countdown: a quarter-finalist of the series in England, he won all his matches in France in 2004.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
1486 10/02/1994 P Alan Ward 37 – 49 Pierre Sandrini Denis Norden Susie Dent 70
1487 11/02/1994 P Margaret Richey 26 – 53 Pierre Sandrini David Jacobs Richard Samson 70
1488 14/02/1994 P Gerry Ions 54 – 45 Pierre Sandrini David Jacobs Richard Samson 70
1516 24/03/1994 QF Richard Campbell 62 – 40 Pierre Sandrini Martin Jarvis Richard Samson 72
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