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Robin Johnson

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Robin Johnson
Octochamp Statistics
Final position
Points total745
Conundrums solved1
Robin Johnson in Series 79.

Robin Johnson was an octochamp in Series 79. He's a retiree from Wimborne, Dorset.

He debuted on 20 September 2018 against Greg Purling. He won with a 10 point lead and then produced 7 more victories including two centuries and 4 scores in the 90s. In his last game, he played a close run contest but retained the lead by spotting the nine-letter word TERMINATE and getting his first conundrum.

Before taking part, when he applied for the programme, he told the producers that he was not available in September, having already made arrangements for a significant wedding anniversary. Despite having that information they still scheduled him for the recordings in May. He had no idea, before taking part in May that September would be when the finals were to be recorded. Consequently, he did not play in the finals stage, and did not play in the finals of Series 80 either, as is normally the precedent when a contestant cannot attend the finals. He is the first octochamp to date to have never contested the quarter-finals. Having qualified for the quarter-finals he certainly would have taken part had they recorded at any other time.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
6913 20/09/2018 P Greg Purling 47 – 57 Robin Johnson Janet Street-Porter Susie Dent 132
6914 21/09/2018 P Robin Johnson 86 – 66 Chris Hague Janet Street-Porter Susie Dent 125
6915 24/09/2018 P Robin Johnson 96 – 61 Jack Healy Janet Street-Porter Susie Dent 126
6916 25/09/2018 P Robin Johnson 99 – 24 Danielle Watson Janet Street-Porter Susie Dent 123
6917 26/09/2018 P Robin Johnson 110 – 27 Shannon Pocock Richard Madeley Susie Dent 136
6918 27/09/2018 P Robin Johnson 91 – 50 Molly Huxley Richard Madeley Susie Dent 131
6919 28/09/2018 P Robin Johnson 94 – 82 Colm Griffin Richard Madeley Susie Dent 132
6920 1/10/2018 P Robin Johnson 112 – 67 Matt Rynn Richard Madeley Susie Dent 144
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