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This table shows all the sponsors that have advertised during the show. The data is drawn from The Countdown Page.

Sponsor Start Date End Date Notes
The Times 22/08/1994 30/09/1994 First sponsor.
Seven Seas 11/01/1999 28/04/2000 Before the break an anagram was displayed. The answer was displayed after the break, with the caption 'Did you get it?'
Lyons Corner House Cakes 18/05/2000 14/08/2000 Each day of the week was taken up by a different product of their range; Mondays − French Sandwich, Tuesday − Cup Cakes, Wednesday − Swiss Roll, Thursday − Viennese Whirls and Friday − Battenberg.
Flora ProActiv 31/10/2000 27/04/2001
Kellogg's All-Bran 22/10/2001 18/10/2002 Last sponsor in the Richard Whiteley era.
Specsavers Opticians 06/02/2006 07/02/2007 The only sponsor of the Des Lynam era.
Digital UK 05/03/2007 04/03/2008 Not technically a sponsor. Last sponsor of the Des O'Connor era.
Ibuleve Gel 01/05/2009 12/05/2010 First sponsor of the Jeff Stelling era.
Vitabiotics 17/05/2010 20/12/2013 Consists of a range of Vitabiotics products; Wellman, Wellwoman, Jointace, Pregnacare, Osteocare, Visionace, Cardioace, Wellkid, Menopace, Immunace and Neurozan.
Vale Bridgecraft 06/01/2014 04/04/2014 Notably came up with QUILATY before every show.
Betterlife from Lloyds Pharmacy 19/05/2014 23/12/2015
HSL: Your Chair Specialists 04/01/2016 23/12/2016
Ibuleve Gel 03/01/2017 22/12/2017 Adverts included people engaged in various physical activities accompanied by nine-letter anagrams with topical answers (e.g. FOSTEREDSDEFORESTS being unscrambled over a photo of a lumberjack chopping wood). Notably, two of these anagrams had the answers ballgames ☓ and elbowroom ☓, which were not valid in any Oxford Dictionary Online edition used in 2017. For reasons unknown, Episode 6601 did not carry Ibuleve sponsorship.
Gala Bingo 02/01/2018 21/12/2018 Unlike its predecessors, starting with Gala Bingo, sponsors appear for all weekday afternoon programmes on Channel 4 and do not appear in the early morning repeats of the show.
MyBuilder.com 14/01/2019 13/01/2021
Key Equity Release 14/01/2021 Came up with FACTBLOOMERCOMFORTABLE or HEAPSNIPSHAPPINESS with the answer being displayed after each show ended. Episode 7451 and Episode 7452 did not carry the sponsorship as they debuted on More4 owing to the broadcast of Cricket matches on Channel 4 at the normal timeslot.
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