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Name Place held Entrants Winner Final score Runner up Matches played Host Highest score
COHUD Huddersfield 30 Kirk Bevins 98 – 79 Dan McColm 7 Jeff Clayton
James Robinson

COHUD was run by James Robinson and Jeff Clayton on Saturday 30th June 2012. 30 people attended for the first ever Countdown in Huddersfield. The event was won by Series 60 champion Kirk Bevins, who beat Dan McColm in the final 98 – 79.

Final results

Rank Name Wins Score
A1 Kirk Bevins QF, SF, F 517
A2 Dan McColm QF, SF 516
A3 Graeme Cole QF, F 474
A4 Dylan Taylor QF 466
A5 Ryan Taylor SF, F 526
A6 Matt Bayfield F 501
A7 Tracey Mills SF 390
A8 Joseph Krol 0 433
B1 Jack Worsley QF, SF, F 505
B2 Andy McGurn QF, SF 438
B3 Thomas Carey QF, F 453
B4 Richard Priest QF 475
B5 Jonathan Rawlinson SF, F 438
B6 Neil Zussman F 412
B7 Stewart Gordon SF 420
B8 Lauren Hamer 0 421
C1 Andy Platt QF, SF, F 433
C2 Philip Jarvis QF, SF 418
C3 Kerry-Anne Alcock QF, F 395
C4 Nathan Cullen QF 382
C5 Mike Brown SF, F 450
C6 Tony Atkins F 392
C7 Michael Cullen SF 311
C8 Daniel Stevanato 0 377
D1 Michelle Nevitt QF, SF, F 400
D2 Roger Edwards QF, SF 307
D3 Damian Banks SF, F 353
D4 Jason Turner QF 350
D5 Mary Lauren F 334
D6 Carole Robinson 0 252
  • NB these are the final standings; their groupings having been decided on the numbers of wins and points after three heats.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
COHUD1 30/06/2012 P James Robinson Jeff Clayton 138
COHUD2 30/06/2012 P Jeff Clayton James Robinson 115
COHUD3 30/06/2012 P James Robinson Jeff Clayton 113
COHUD4 30/06/2012 QF Jeff Clayton James Robinson 69
COHUD5 30/06/2012 SF James Robinson Jeff Clayton 71
COHUD6 30/06/2012 MGF Kirk Bevins Dan McColm 118
COHUD7 30/06/2012 GF Kirk Bevins 98 – 79 Dan McColm Andy Platt Dylan Taylor 117

For the 3 heats, the pairs were drawn at random. Everybody was seeded later. The top 8 seeds would play in the special finals, while the next 8 would play for in Group B, the next 8 would play in Group C, and the last 6 played in Group D.

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