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A Co-event is an amateur tournament similar to a Scrabble or chess tournament. Players meet up with their Countdown board games (or in some cases, suitable computer software) and play a number of games of Countdown, usually 5 or 6, and the player with the most wins is the tournament winner. In the event of a tie, the number of points scored is used to separate them.

There are two distinct types of tournament: head-to-head "Edinburgh-style" tournaments, and "Bristol-style" tournaments where everyone in the room plays from the same set of letters and numbers. The Countdown in Lincoln tournaments use head-to-head games, i.e. each 'table' of three players selects its own separate letters and numbers (one person acting as host, 'Dictionary Corner' and 'Rachel' whilst the other two play each other), while the Countdown in Bristol tournament uses the second system whereby players play in pairs, but all players have the same letters, numbers and conundrum (usually displayed on a board at the front of the room).

This second system eliminates the luck factor as no player or players have "better" selections than anyone else over the course of the day. However, some dislike it because, since they cannot select the letters or numbers themselves, it denies them the chance to use tactical selections to win individual games, for example picking an unusual numbers selection against an opponent known to be weak at the numbers game.

Some otherwise most Bristol-style tournaments have a system for numbers games that compromises between the two formats: A contestant from each pair makes a choice of numbers, just as on the show or in the Edinburgh format and, once everybody has chosen, a selection is revealed for each possible number of large and small numbers in one way or another, the 1st to introduce this was .co.mk in 2015.

Since 2016, the majority of tournaments have been run as part of organisational body FOCAL.

Prior to 2011, online tournaments were also listed here. However, the advent of Apterous's "tourney" system has allowed multiple tournaments to be played at once, rendering the number of tournaments sheer. Over 2,000 online tournaments have been played since 2011.

Co-event winners

Wins Player Events won
21 Jack Worsley Co:Leam (2013)
Countdown Aces Trophy (2013)
CO:REA (2014, 2015)
CoStAl (2014)
COHUD (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017)
CoNot (2015, 2016)
COLIN (2016, 2018, 2019)
COLIN Hangover (2016, 2018, 2020)
FOCAL (2016)
CoBrum (2017)
Co-Blackpool (2018)
Co:WY (2019)
12 Rob Foster CoNot (2011)
Co:KL (2015, 2017)
CO:REA (2017, 2019)
Co:Bo (2017)
.co.mk (2017, 2019)
FOCAL (2017)
CoBrum (2018)
CoCam (2019)
Co:Braintree (2019)
8 Dylan Taylor CoChest (2012)
COLIN Hangover (2014, 2019)
.co.mk (2015)
COLIN (2017)
Co:Leeds (2017)
CoBris (2018)
COHUD (2018)
7 James Robinson CoChest (2011)
CO:REA (2012)
CoLei (2012)
CoDub (2015)
.co.mk (2016)
Co:GlasgowOnThen (2016)
COEDI (2019)
6 Innis Carson Co:Lon (2010)
CobliviLon (2012)
COEDI (2012, 2013, 2014)
COLIN (2015)
Co:Glasgow (2015, 2016)
Co:Leeds (2016)
Conor Travers CoBris (2005)
COLIN (2008)
CoBliviLon (2013)
COLIN Hangover (2015)
Co:Lon (2019)
CoDub (2019)
Callum Todd CoCam (2018)
.co.mk (2018)
Co:York (2019)
Co-Liverpool (2019)
Co-Blackpool (2019)
FOCAL (2019)
5 Kirk Bevins COLIN (2010, 2011)
CoLei (2010)
COHUD (2012, 2013)
Chris Wills COLIN (2005, 2006, 2007)
CoBris (2006, 2007)
4 Ed McCullagh CoDub (2016, 2017, 2018)
CoNuT (2018)
3 Edward Byrne COLIN Hangover (2017)
CoWat (2019, 2020)
Jack Hurst CoLei (2011)
COLIN (2014)
CoBris (2016)
Stephen Read Co:KL (2016)
CoBrum (2016)
CoManche (2017)
Zarte Siempre CoMultiLon (2014)
CoStAl (2016)
CoBris (2017)
2 Tom Carey CoWat (2017)
CoManche (2020)
Jon Corby COLIN (2009, 2012)
Mark Deeks COLIN (2013)
CO:REA (2013)
Oliver Garner Co:Lon (2017, 2018)
Jonathan Wynn FOCAL (2018)
COLIN (2020)
1 David Barnard CoBris (2015)
Matt Bayfield Co:Lon (2011)
Matthew Brockwell CoStAl (2015)
Tom Cappleman CO:REA (2016)
Tom Chafer-Cook Co:Bo (2018)
Graeme Cole CO:REA (2018)
Hazel Drury CoWat (2018)
James Haughton CoNuT (2019)
Dan McColm Co:Leeds (2018)
Jon O'Neill CoLei (2009)
Richard Priest CoLei (2010)
Dinos Sfyris CoNot (2009)
Jen Steadman CoWolves (2019)
Mark Tournoff CoLei (2008)
Dan Vanniasingham CoNot (2008)
Ben Wilson CORED (2007)

List of co-events

Tournament Winner Runner-up
In-person tournaments
COLIN 2005 Chris Wills Mark Tournoff
CoBris 2005 Conor Travers Kirk Bevins
COLIN 2006 Chris Wills Stewart Holden
CoBris 2006 Chris Wills Mark Tournoff
COLIN 2007 Chris Wills Paul Howe
CORED 2007 Ben Wilson Mike Brown
CoBris 2007 Chris Wills Conor Travers
COLIN 2008 Conor Travers Jon O'Neill
CoNot 2008 Dan Vanniasingham Julian Fell
CoLei 2008 Mark Tournoff Ben Wilson
COLIN 2009 Jon Corby Jon O'Neill
CoNot 2009 Dinos Sfyris Paul Howe
CoLei2 (2009) Jon O'Neill Kirk Bevins
COLIN 2010 Kirk Bevins Paul Howe
Co:Lon 2010 Innis Carson Oliver Garner
CoLei Summer Special (2010) Richard Priest Kirk Bevins
CoLei3 (2010) Kirk Bevins Matt Bayfield
COLIN 2011 Kirk Bevins James Robinson
CoLei4 (2011) Jack Hurst James Robinson
CoNot 2011 Rob Foster Richard Priest
Co:Lon 2011 Matt Bayfield Thomas Cappleman
CoChest (2011) James Robinson Richard Priest
COLIN 2012 Jon Corby Konstadinos Sfyris
CO:REA (2012) James Robinson Dan McColm
CoLei5 (2012) James Robinson Richard Priest
COHUD (2012) Kirk Bevins Dan McColm
CobliviLon (2012) Innis Carson Edward McCullagh
CoChest2 (2012) Dylan Taylor Jack Worsley
COEDI (2012) Innis Carson James Robinson
COLIN 2013 Mark Deeks Kirk Bevins
CO:REA 2013 Mark Deeks Giles Hutchings
COHUD2 (2013) Kirk Bevins Glen Webb
CobliviLon II (2013) Conor Travers Jack Worsley
CO:Leam (2013) Jack Worsley Jack Hurst
COEDI2 (2013) Innis Carson Edward McCullagh
Countdown Aces Trophy (2013) Jack Worsley Kirk Bevins
COLIN X (2014) Jack Hurst Zarte Siempre
COLIN X: The Hangover (2014) Dylan Taylor Jack Worsley
CO:REA 2014 Jack Worsley Giles Hutchings
CoStAl (2014) Jack Worsley Callum Todd
CoMultiLon (2014) Zarte Siempre James Robinson
COEDI3 (2014) Innis Carson Jack Worsley
COHUD 2014 Jack Worsley Callum Todd
COLIN XI (2015) Innis Carson Mark Deeks
COLIN XI: The Hangover Conor Travers Jack Worsley
CoBris 2015 David Barnard James Robinson
CO:REA 2015 Jack Worsley Conor Travers
Co:Glasgow 2015 Innis Carson Callum Todd
Co:KL (2015) Rob Foster Graeme Cole
CoStAl2 (2015) Matthew Brockwell Thomas Cappleman
CoNot IV (2015) Jack Worsley Dylan Taylor
.co.mk (2015) Dylan Taylor James Robinson
COHUD 2015 Jack Worsley Thomas Carey
CO:Dub (2015) James Robinson Kevin McMahon
COLIN XII (2016) Jack Worsley Dylan Taylor
COLIN XII: The Hangover (2016) Jack Worsley Zarte Siempre
CoBris 2016 Jack Hurst Jack Worsley
CO:REA 2016 Tom Cappleman Paul Erdunast
Co:Leeds Innis Carson Thomas Carey
Co:KL2 (2016) Stephen Read Callum Todd
CoStAl3 (2016) Zarte Siempre Rob Foster
CoNot V (2016) Jack Worsley Zarte Siempre
.co.mk2 (2016) James Robinson Dylan Taylor
CoDub2 (2016) Ed McCullagh Dan McColm
COHUD 2016 Jack Worsley Stephen Read
CoGlasgow 2016 Innis Carson James Robinson
CoGlasgowOnThen James Robinson Zarte Siempre
CoBrum (Open) Stephen Read Tom Cappleman
2016 FOCAL season
2016 FOCAL finals
Jack Worsley Giles Hutchings
COLIN XIII Dylan Taylor Conor Travers
COLIN XIII: The Hangover Edward Byrne James Robinson
CoBris 2017 Zarte Siempre Tom Cappleman
CoManche (2017) Stephen Read Rob Foster
CoLeeds 2017 Dylan Taylor Jack Worsley
CO:REA 2017 Rob Foster Graeme Cole
Co:Lon 2017 Oliver Garner Rob Foster
CO:KL 2017 Rob Foster Stephen Read
CoWat 2017 Thomas Carey Hazel Drury
CoBo 2017 Rob Foster Zarte Siempre
.co.mk3 (2017) Rob Foster Tim Down
COHUD 2017 Jack Worsley Stephen Read
CoDub3 (2017) Ed McCullagh Hazel Drury
CoBrum2 (open) Jack Worsley Callum Todd
2017 FOCAL season
2017 FOCAL finals
Rob Foster Jen Steadman
COLIN XIV Jack Worsley Callum Todd
COLIN XIV: The Hangover Jack Worsley Zarte Siempre
CoBris 2018 Dylan Taylor Graeme Cole
CoNuT (2018) Ed McCullagh Zubair Patel
CO:REA 2018 Graeme Cole Thomas Cappleman
Co:LeedsLeedsLeeds (2018) Dan McColm Zarte Siempre
CO:LON:2 (2018) Oliver Garner Mark Murray
CO:Wat?! (2018) Hazel Drury Mark Murray
Co:Cam (2018) Callum Todd James Robinson
.co.mk4 (2018) Callum Todd Tim Down
CO:BO 2018 Tom Chafer-Cook Tim Down
COHUD 2018 Dylan Taylor Thomas Carey
Countdown in Dublin 4 (2018) Ed McCullagh Mark Murray
Co-Blackpool 2018 Jack Worsley Bradley Horrocks
CoBrum 2018 (open) Rob Foster Jen Steadman
2018 FOCAL season
2018 FOCAL finals
Jonathan Wynn Thomas Cappleman
COLIN XV Jack Worsley Bradley Horrocks
COLIN XV: The Hangover Dylan Taylor Jen Steadman
COEDI 2019 James Robinson Callum Todd
CoNuT (2019) James Haughton Luke Johnson-Davies
Co:York 2019 Callum Todd Edward Byrne
Co:REA 2019 Rob Foster Thomas Cappleman
Co:LON 2019 Conor Travers Graeme Cole
Co:Cam 2019 Rob Foster Bradley Horrocks
Co:WY 2019 Jack Worsley Tim Down
Co:Wat III (2019) Edward Byrne Hazel Drury
.co.mk5 (2019) Rob Foster Tom Chafer-Cook
CO-MSO (2019) Ronan Higginson Jonathan De Souza
Countdown in Dublin 5 (2019) Conor Travers Callum Todd
Co-Liverpool 2019 Callum Todd James Robinson
Co-Blackpool 2019 Callum Todd Tom Chafer-Cook
Co:Braintree 2019 Rob Foster Callum Todd
Wolverhampton Open 2019 Jen Steadman Rob Foster
2019 FOCAL season
2019 FOCAL finals
Callum Todd Bradley Horrocks
COLIN XVI Jonathan Wynn Jack Worsley
COLIN XVI: The Hangover Jack Worsley James Haughton
Countdown in Manchester 2020 Tom Carey Jack Worsley
CoNuT 2020
Cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic
Co:LON 2020
CoPet (2020)
CoEdi5 (2020)
Co:Wat?! 2020 Eddy Byrne Brendan Duke
Co:WY 2020
Cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic
Co Blackpool 2020
Goat:Leeds 2020
2020 FOCAL season
2020 FOCAL finals
Ongoing Ongoing
Postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic
COLIN XVII: The Hangover

The Edinburgh Countdown Club was the 1st to organise tournaments.

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